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Chief Charley McNairA Message From The Chief 

     As a native of the City of Cayce, I am delighted to assume the role of Director of the city's Public Safety Division. It's been my privilege to meet and befriend many of my neighors over the years, and I look forward to extending that relation to everyone in our community.

      The commitments of our employees to high quality service allows the Department to receive state recognition. We continually strive to improve our level and quality of service to the community. Our efforts to advance the technology available to our employees will add to our ability to help solve community problems.

     From 1974 to September 1977, I was employed by both the fire and police department in Cayce, prior to the formation of the city's Department of Public Safety. From September of 1977 through May of 2000, I served with the South Carolina Highway Patrol and SLED. I retired from SLED prior to beginning work as Director of Public Safety in Cayce.

     My experience has provided me with a genuine appreciation for the unique skills necessary to successfully serve as a law enforcement officer, and bring this knowledge to my current office in Cayce. I also understand the importance of recognizing and implementing new ideas as they relate to community policing, and will continue to support the degree of excellence for which this agency has been recongnized.

     Our primary goal at the City of Cayce Department of Public Safety will remain that of serving and protecting the lives and property of our citizens. If you have questions or comments regarding your law enforcement or fire protection service, please don't hesitate to contact us.